Well, with today being Saturday, I normally rant and rave about various games but today, I don't think I am going to rant and rave. I will discuss 2 games today and make my predictions and that will be all as I intend on saving you guys from the obnoxious rants that I normally throw at College Football.

SEC Championship Game: Florida vs. Alabama

In this game, the top team from the SEC East, #1 Florida Gators face off against the top team form the SEC West, #2 Alabama Crimson Tide. This game in some eyes' could go either way but again, I will have to disagree with the so-called experts; I believe Florida will dominate this game for a couple of reasons and the #1 reason is the stout Florida defense. Yes, the Alabama defense is good too with both being ranked in the Top 5 in the nation, but Florida has a defense intact from last year's National Championship team that beat pretty much this same Alabama team with one glaring exception, Greg McElroy, Alabama's Quarterback. McElroy will be the deciding factor and here's why: Florida's defense will shut down Mark Ingram which in my opinion is Alabama's only "real" threat. This will cause Alabama to become one dimensional and do something that Nick Saban doesn't want to do and that is throw the ball against this beastly pass defense that Florida is sporting on the field. Against South Carolina, McElroy looked horrible and although I am a die hard Gamecock fan, their defense isn't quite as good as Florida's. Florida will have a field day against McElroy and you better believe that Charlie Strong will have a gameplan and he will come after McElroy over and over and over again. This Florida defense will be a hungry pack of dogs and they will have their ears pinned back. It's going to be a tough day for Bama as Tebow finds a way to score at least 2 on the ground and 1 through the air.


Florida - 24
Alabama - 13

ACC Championship Game: Georgia Tech vs. Clemson

You know, in other years, I couldn't care less about this game but this year, the hometown boys in Clemson have finally made it there to Tampa in the ACC Championship game and they have a good enough team to win it. Offensively they have Kyle Parker, Jacoby Ford, and the dynamic and dangerous, CJ Spiller. They have a 2 beasts at Defensive End in Ricky Sapp and Daquan Bowers. These players will be the ones who win or lose this game for the Tigers. After the showing against my South Carolina Gamecocks last week, I just do not know if they have what it takes to stop an option offense. South Carolina exploited poor assignment play by the Tigers last week to amass an astounding 220+ yards on the ground. GT averages well over that rushing while running an option offense. The only difference is Nesbit has more experience than Garcia and is more consitent and appears to be more accurate than Stephen Garcia is. Georgia Tech's defense isn't quite as good as South Carolina's either. These 2 teams played a very close game earlier in the season with Georgia Tech prevailing on a last second field goal. I see this game being a shootout and the last team having the ball winning it and I believe that team will be Clemson, getting revenge from the last 3 meetings between these 2 teams. Clemson will be the 2009 ACC Champions and will finally make a trip to a BCS bowl, something the state of South Carolina needs for it's college football programs.


Clemson - 34
Georgia Tech - 31

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